Building Relationships Through a Diversity-Friendly Workplace

In today’s workplace it is becoming more important to understand how to effectively communicate with a diverse audience. Whether with your employees, clients or customers, establishing a diversity-friendly environment will be to everyone’s advantage.

Public relations professionals work with people around the world and interact with multiple diverse groups. In an article, Robert Wakefield says that PR professionals work across different social, economic and political systems through multiple time zones, and because of this, public relations is one of the most diverse fields to work in. Understanding how to efficiently create a diversity-friendly workplace will foster a better relationship with all your publics.

Respect everyone’s opinion

In a journal article, Celso Guzman says that being diversity-friendly means that you value everyone’s contributions no matter his or her race, ethnic background, age, gender or physical ability. Being able to appreciate everyone’s opinion on different matters not only allows for an agreeable workplace but also means you’ll have differing views on your projects. People from diverse backgrounds have different ways of addressing problems and assignments, and because of that, they might come up with ideas you never would have thought of.

Show your support for diverse groups

Many companies take the opportunity to partner with diversity outreach groups to show their support. Big name companies like Kraft Foods, American Apparel and Starbucks have all shown support in the past for diverse groups. PRSA has been doing diversity outreach for over two decades and even has a multicultural communications committee. Chrysler Group was named the “Best Company for Diversity” in 2011. These companies and groups understood the importance and saw the chance to show their commitment for diversity in the workplace. By showing support of different diverse groups, your company not only gives its respect but also creates a better workplace for all.

Understand people’s backgrounds

The United States is becoming more diverse as a country every year. The 2008 United States census projected the population to be made up of 54 percent minority groups by 2050. With a growing minority population and different diversity groups becoming more prominent every year, it is critical for companies to understand their employees and their customers’ cultures and backgrounds. With a growing diverse population, you never want to cause a problem by not knowing what is accepted and what is a limit to someone.

Fostering a sense of community within your company is as simple as showing your support of people’s backgrounds and differences. Having a diverse group of people is what makes companies and groups stand out, allowing them to grow and evolve with the changing times.